About LiFE

January 2017

Bosworth Academy and Winstanley Community College share an historic catchment area, and have a long history of working together for the good of our shared community. Governors of both schools endorsed the joining of a Multi Academy Trust as an opportunity to strengthen both schools by enabling our teachers to share expertise, resources and learning strategies. There are also potential cost savings that can be gained by sharing some ‘back office’ functions.
The schools within the Multi Academy Trust remain separate, with their own identity and culture within the values of the MAT, and will continue to reflect their local community needs. Albeit able to share resources, students cannot be moved from one school to another. Future parents and children will apply for either school separately and independently.
The Multi Academy Trust ‘Executive Headteacher’ will be responsible for both schools and spend time at both campus, whilst each individual school with have a full time dedicated ‘Head of School’.
The formation of a MAT will only strengthen our schools and our capacity to improve still further. We are never complacent with our success and always recognise the need to innovate and strive for further improvement, and will enable us to retain control and responsibility for our own destiny and protect the values we hold dear.
We always appreciate the support we have from parents and our community and we would be delighted to discuss these issues further with any interested parent.